Cantal Cheese Pepper Pie

Hi little foodies!!

We do hope all of you are doing fine even though it’s mid-december as known as a quite difficult period. It’s already cold outside, there’s a lot to be done before the end of the year and it’s not Christmas yet.

Don’t worry, the ThirstyFoodies team haven’t forget you and worked on a new easy and delicious recipe this week: the Cantal Cheese Pepper Pie pairing with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wine!!IMG_4859

 For four people and less than 6€/person (£4.75 $7.47)

  • 3 peppers
  • Small cream pot
  • Traditional wholegrain mustard
  • Herbes de provences
  • 250 grams of Cantal
  • Pie dough
  • Olive oil
  • Half a lemon (juice)
  • Pesto
  • Green saladIMG_4860
  • A Sauvignon Blanc Petit Clos by Clos Henri 2013 bottle – serving cool or at room temperature.

1. First step:IMG_4861

  • Put the pie dough in a pie plate and using a fork poke holes in the bottom of the crust. That will keep your pie from moisture while baking.
  • In a big bowl grate the cantal

Tip: you can use another hard cheese, even a stronger one depending of your taste.

  • Add three spoons of cream. We use crème fraîche but another one will do it, as heavy cream for example.
  • One spoon of traditional wholegrain mustard with a spoon of herbes de provence.
  • Mix it all until having an homogenous paste.

Tip: – Herbes de provence is a pretty common ingredient of French cuisine, it’s basically a mix of dried herbs.

2. Second step:IMG_4862

  • Cut the peppers in small cubes. We used three peppers of different color but you can absolutely used three of the same color if you want
  • Spread equally the cream mix on the pie dough
  • Add the pepper cube on it and unleash your creativity!
  • Pour a trickle of olive oil over the pie and put it in the oven for 30 min at medium hot 200°C /400°F/Gas Mark 6

3. Third step:


  • While baking the pie, prepare your plate with salad, wine glass and a slice of bread. Here we have smooth and yummy spinach leaves!
  • Mix half a lemon juice with three spoons of pesto for the salad dressing
  • Take your bottle of Sauvignon of the fridge and get ready to serve it along with a warm slice of cheesy pepper pie!!

4.  About the wine:

We chose a fresh New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2013 average price 15$.IMG_4880

Petit Clos by Clos Henri, produced by Henri Bourgeois in the Marlborough region.

Color: +++ Brilliant and clear lemon color

Nose: ++ Fresh nose with mineral and fruity notes (citrus, grapefruit…)

Mouth: +++ Franck attack, dry and crispy mouth. A smooth texture with an attractive and refreshing acidity.

  • New Zealand is worldwide renown for its white wines specially its premium Sauvignon Blanc.
  • The Marlborough region is its most famous winemaking region with nearly 2/3 of its national vine area. The warm and dry weather make it an great place for Sauvignon Blanc grape variety (more than 17 800ha).
  • Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most used white grape variety in both Old (France, Bordeaux region, Loire region) and New World (New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and Argentina).
  • Clos Henri is a New Zealand estate established in 2000 by the french winemaker Henri Bourgeois.
  • Its multi awarded wines are an expression of its savoir-faire and New Zealand land richness.

> If you want to know more about Clos Henri history, please visit –

> about New Zealand wine, please visit –

Get ready to amaze your friends and family with this delicious, original and colorful meal!! We’re waiting for your comments.

Bon appétit 🙂



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